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WotV QoL Features added to JP that are not in Global[edit | edit source]

In JP in March 2020[edit | edit source]

  • All now in Global (delivered June 2020)
    • Ability to "inherit" equipment types in crafting
    • Auto repeat for story events
    • Whimsy icon on main page when active
    • Whimsy and Chocobo Frenzy notifications do not break auto repeat
    • Units will not target enemies that already have fatal damage targeted at them on auto
    • Trade-in shop allows job upgrade materials to be traded in for other job upgrade materials
    • Vision Card shards in the Whimsy and Daily shops for Viziore

In JP in April 2020[edit | edit source]

  • Selectively remove abilities used in auto battle
  • Increase max level for Guild Statues to 10 In global July 2020
  • Increased rewards for hosting multiplayer matches
  • Auto-farming options (i.e. "Repeat X times" or "Repeat until X number of Y rewards reached")
  • Low power mode
  • Spirit and Defense shown in Status Screen
  • Skip Arena battle play

In JP in May 2020[edit | edit source]

  • More chat stamps for multiplayer
  • Voices for characters at home screen
  • More options for Whimsy Shop when it pops up during auto-farming
  • Auto-battle option for PVP Match battles

In JP in June 2020[edit | edit source]

  • Character shards added to the Mog Shops In global 08/04/2020

In JP in July 2020[edit | edit source]

  • Mock battle between guild members
  • Dividing the High Difficulty Training Room into A, B, and C type jobs. Comes with new first time clear rewards. In Global 8/12/2020. Appears to be a nerf, not an enhancement.[1]
  • "Titles" added for self and guild based on play records
  • Ability to increase daily challenges (Exp chamber, etc) based on Royal Rank. Costs Visiore.
  • Some adjustments to how the AI prioritizes and targets protection spells.

QoL Enhancements announced for JP SOON™[edit | edit source]

Planned for JP in July[edit | edit source]

  • New "Title" feature
  • Guild battle practice between members
  • Room passwords for raids
  • You can stack multiple Raid boss encounters
  • Trophy adjustments for wins and draws
  • Trial of Judgment: UI status for rewards
  • Trial of Judgment: Show High Score after battles
  • Trial of Judgment: You can exchange something 10x or more(?)
  • Better UI display of Esper resonance
  • Sort by resonance on formation screen
  • Batch ability leveling feature
  • Power saving mode for auto battles, raid bosses appearing, and more
  • Disable ability animation when multi-questing
  • Ability toggle ON/OFF on TMR and Esper Abilities
  • You can switch auto repeat on/off during battles
  • Refresh farplane event quests up to 3x per day(?)

Planned for JP in Mid-August[edit | edit source]

  • Guild battle improvements
  • AI now considers some gimmicks.
  • Unit abilities and subjobs can be set per content.
  • You can use the formation copy function more places.
  • AI now considers chaining and enemy mitigation like barriers when choosing abilities to use
  • Your units won't move onto treasure chests if an ally is casting an AoE ability that would hit that square.
  • UI slide bar improvements for shop purchases.
  • Batch crafting/awakening armor
  • Results display at the end of auto battles (drops, xp, jp and such)
  • Chat enabled during battles (awesome for raid and hard MP content coordination)

Planned for JP in September[edit | edit source]

  • Equipment skins (changing weapon appearance)
  • In-game privilege exchange based on monthly play record
  • Changes to draws in Guild Battle
  • Show attack and defense logs in real-time during Guild Battle
  • Show defense/attack status of opponents during Guild Battle
  • Set faith to specific levels in barracks
  • Guild name shown in different rankings
  • Notification improvements on the home screen
  • Spectate guild battles of other players
  • Quick join for Raid Rooms
  • Voice Acting on Home Screen for MR units and below